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Beach Yoga ~ Practice on the beautiful sand of Anna Maria Island’s beaches! We’ll use large sheets and beach blankets instead of yoga mats, as we move and breathe surrounded by blue sea and sky. This class is available for all levels and is weather permitting (no class if it’s raining or below 55°F).

Flow Yoga ~ Flow in unison with your breath to connect the mind and body with traditional yoga postures, including sun salutations, standing and balancing poses, followed by floor work and inversions. Variations and modifications will be given; some experience is recommended.

Gentle Yoga ~ This class suited for all levels of experience. Beginners and experienced practitioners can expect gentle stretching, basic yoga postures and alignment principles, as well as informative instruction on the use of props and breath work. Each class culminates with a restorative sequence and final relaxation.

Restorative Yoga ~ Taking time out each day to relax and rejuvenate is essential to well-being. This nurturing practice focuses on restorative yoga postures which gently stretch and rehabilitate the muscles and joints. Coupled with deep breath work, this practice soothes the nervous system and quiets the mind.

Chair Yoga ~ This class is designed using a chair as a prop for students who may otherwise not be able to participate in a traditional mat class because they find it difficult to get up and down from the floor or sit comfortably at floor level. Chair yoga is ideal for people with physical limitations, but it is also appropriate for those with injuries, low flexibility, or poor balance that limits range of motion.

To set up private yoga instruction:
Email rachel.starfish.yoga@gmail.com
Call or text Rachel at 941.405.3377